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Welcome to Ayer Tawar, Perak

Ayer Tawar, nestled in the Manjong district of Perak, Malaysia, is a town teeming with history and cultural diversity. With a population of approximately 30,000, this town boasts a unique blend of old-world charm and modern development.

Geography and Landmarks

Situated 60 kilometers west of the state capital, Ipoh, and 22 kilometers from Lumut, Ayer Tawar holds a strategic location. Divided by the Ayer Tawar River into the Old Town and New Town, the area showcases a blend of historical architecture and ongoing urbanization.

Notable landmarks include the historic Min Te Chinese Primary School and a myriad of religious sites such as the Cina Methodist Church, Nine Emperor Gods Temple, Krishna Hindu Temple, and several Buddhist temples.

Educational Institutions

Education thrives in Ayer Tawar with esteemed institutions like Tamil Ayer Tawar Primary School, Pei Min Primary School in Kampung Raja Hitam, Merbau Primary School in Kampung Merbau, and Cina Ayer Tawar Primary School.


Access to Ayer Tawar is convenient via several routes, including the road from Lumut through Sitiawan and Bota, as well as the highway connecting Teluk Intan, Sitiawan, and Lumut.

History and Ethnic Diversity

Ayer Tawar's roots trace back to Sumatran migrants, and its history is intertwined with the Mandailing, Javanese, and Chinese communities. Post-British colonization, the area experienced cultural fusion and economic shifts, shaping its current demographic landscape.

Economy and Development

Presently, Ayer Tawar's economy thrives on agriculture, particularly palm oil and rubber cultivation. As the Manjung district develops into a tourism hub, Ayer Tawar experiences rapid modernization and educational growth, attracting a young demographic.

Local Communities

Ayer Tawar is home to various vibrant villages including Changkat Cermin, Telok, Banjar, Sungai Ramai, Bakar Bata, Bahru, Telaga Nenas, Sungai Wangi, Ambika, and Paya Nibong, each with its unique cultural fabric.


The town boasts a plethora of mosques, symbolizing the religious diversity and unity within the community.

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