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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Property: Tips, Insights and Expert Advice


Written by Property Genie Team

Everyone loves a good wedding, am I right? But being the wedding planner, now that's what nobody likes to be a part of.

Buying property in Malaysia is like planning a wedding. You begin with a proposal, hunt for the perfect location, navigate negotiations and inspections, before closing the deal for a new chapter in your life. Not to mention, there are multiple people you meet just to go through the necessary processes, which in this case, is the vendor, land office, Inland Revenue Board, lawyer, developers and valuer! (as mentioned by legaladvice.com)

Just as a wedding leads to a marriage, buying a property opens the door to a new chapter in your life and, quite literally, a new home. With our ultimate guide to buying a property in Malaysia, these tips, insights and advice help make a seemingly daunting process much easier!

Navigating The Real-Estate World

According to homes.com, the timeline for buying a house varies, but the overall process can take most home buyers about three months. Searching for the ideal property for sale is like a shopping trip where you'll have to weigh your options, compare prices, and, eventually, decide.

The real estate market holds a reputation for being a potentially lucrative investment if done right. Known to appreciate value over time, it is a popular choice for wealth-building, especially for people looking to settle down. However, it is also competitive, subject to economic fluctuations, and influenced by factors like interest rates and housing supply and demand.

Expect a journey involving several steps and considerations. There are a lot of viewing and inspecting sessions, discussions, meetings with various agents, and all the legalities that happen behind the scenes.

How To Begin Your Property Buying Journey

Let's say you're a freshie in the vast world of different properties. Looking for a property for sale or property for rent needs to begin by determining how much you can afford and getting pre-approved for a mortgage if possible.

By partnering with a real estate agent, they can help you navigate the process. All you need to do is clearly list and communicate your property preferences (including location, type, and must-have features) to them. They'll take care of the rest.

From then onwards, you should be asked to attend property viewings and inspections. If you have a few that you end up liking, compare them before making an offer for one. Consider negotiating as well before sealing the deal.


Before you can even take the last step to seal that sweet deal, learn about the additional ‘hidden fees’ you overlooked, for example Legal fees for the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and loan agreement, Real estate agent’s commission, and Stamp duty Malaysia fees!

What The Experts Say?

For starters, your budget shouldn't be influenced entirely by money. You should also consider what your buying goals are — Is this for the long-term or a short-term fix-and-flip project? By setting clear goals and boundaries, you can narrow your search and focus on a property in Malaysia that meets your criteria.

While submitting an offer is the final step that feels ever so rewarding, you need to take time to ask the right questions. Do you have a clear understanding of the terms you're agreeing to, and are you aware of any potential flaws in the neighbourhood that you haven't fully experienced?

Whatever problem you may face during the buying process, having a reliable real estate agent means they are probably three steps ahead of every possible hiccup that might happen. 

The Bottom Line

With these 5 property buying essentials, you’ll be five steps closer to purchasing your dream home. 

a property can sound like a daunting task, but by having a clear and structured plan and process, you, too, can find your ideal property. 

Remember, the key to buying property is thorough research, careful planning, and seeking expert guidance. Make informed decisions, explore the market, and turn your real estate dreams into reality by following our guide. 

Better yet, browse our agent directory and begin your property-buying journey with us today!



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